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Introducing a game-changer in the world of live production. This feature-packed solution is engineered to strengthen your streaming and recording capabilities. With the power to encode two sources of audio and video seamlessly, create a multi-point bonded internet connection, effortlessly live stream your content with dual RTMP and SRT, and record up to 4K, this device empowers you to deliver captivating shows to your audience and client.

Welcome to Nexus.

Encode SDI Battery Tap

Bond HDMI Cut Protect

Stream Ethernet Fade Mount

Record 3.5mm DVE Speed Test

Switcher USB Overlay WiFi

EBSR Main+Bonding

No Internet? No Problem.

Feature-packed encoder + bonding for live streaming and remote contribution.

Bring it on.

Unleash the incredible versatility of Nexus, your ultimate live production tool.
From overcoming internet connectivity issues to managing content sources and delivering seamless live streams, Nexus tackles the challenges that arise with unmatched adaptability.
With this single device, be ready to conquer any production hurdle that comes your way.

Remote Teams In the Field

Whether you're producing a sports event, outdoor assignment, or capturing on-location interviews, Nexus rises to the occasion with multi-point connectivity.

Switch a Live Show

Nexus features a three-source live switcher with animated transitions, picture-in-picture effects, graphic overlays, and an audio mixer.

Primary Switcher Failure

In the event of a primary switcher failure, Nexus provides a downstream backup by cutting to another feed for the audience to view while resolving the failure.

Multicast Streaming

Simultaneously push a primary and backup RTMP stream or a SRT feed for added reliability in your CDN pipeline, or simply reach two live streaming platforms.

Unstable Venue Internet

Nexus provides stable internet connectivity via 4G LTE with a WAN/LAN option switch, eliminating reliance on unreliable venue internet.

Remote Guest Contribution

With Nexus, you can effortlessly record and receive high-quality content from remote guests into your control room via SRT or RTMP.

Get Connected

SDI & HDMI Inputs

3G-SDI (1080p60) & HDMI (2160p30)

3.5mm I/O

48kHz 16-bit stereo line in & monitor out


Direct gigabit ethernet WAN/LAN connection


2.4G/5.8G Dual Frequency

4G LTE Network

3x SIM card slots

USB 3.0 Ports

Load assets and modems

Micro SD Slot

Load assets and record media


PTZ + Tally

DC & Battery Power

6000mAh lithium battery (2-3 Hours)

1/4" Mount

Standard tripod and stand mount

Wireless and Wired Internet

Load Media + USB Modem

DC and Battery Power

3x 4G LTE SIM Slots

Micro SD Slot

HD-SDI Input

4K HDMI Input

3.5mm In & Out

1/4" Mount

PTZ + Tally

Start Pushing

Video Standard Options

SD PAL/NTSC, 720p50/59.94/60, 1080i50/59.94/60, 1080p25/30/50/59.94/60, 2160p30

Concurrent 2x RTMP & SRT Streaming

H.265/HEVC & H.264 with resolution & bitrate options

Internal Recording

MP4 with resolution, bitrate, & segmentation options

Built-in Network Speed Test

Measure Upload & Download

Network Performance Graphs

5, 15, 30, 60, & 120 minutes

Program Adjustments

5" HD LCD Touchscreen

With screen lock feature

Live Switch Between SDI & HDMI

Cut, Fade, & DVE with time selection

Graphic Overlay

Supports Alpha PNGs

Picture-in-Picture Effect

SDI, HDMI, and Graphic Presets

Audio Mixer

SDI, HDMI, 3.5mm, & Main Faders

Protective Case

Padded carrying case included free with each unit

Join the Crew

We look forward to supporting your production.


$ 1,999
  • Multi-Point Internet Bonding
  • Dual Video Encoding
  • Dual RTMP Streaming
  • SRT Streaming
  • Record up to 4K
  • Graphic Overlay
  • Video Switching
  • Audio Mixing
  • PIP Effects
  • Project Presets
  • Protective Case

Bonding Data Package 1

$ 199
  • US Server
  • 1TB Data

Bonding Data Package 2

$ 359
  • US Server
  • 2TB Data

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