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Duo vMix & ATEM Switcher Panel

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Duo Panel sets the stage for seamless live streaming and recording, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your production to new heights. With its exceptional compatibility with vMix and ATEM switchers, advanced controls, and robust construction, Duo Panel empowers content creators, broadcasters, and professionals with the ultimate live production experience.

  • 8-12x PVW/PGM Buttons
  • 5x Audio Control Dials
  • Both: T-Bar, FTB, Auto Trans, Cut
  • ATEM: Mix, Dip, Wipe, Sting, DVE
  • ATEM: Media Player, Color, Aux, M/E, Macro Buttons
  • ATEM: 4 Key + BKGD Upstream Buttons
  • ATEM: 2 Downstream Key Buttons
  • vMix: Fullscreen, Record, Stream Buttons
  • vMix: R, M, & F Custom Function Buttons
  • DP25 Tally, USB 2.0, Ethernet (with PoE 802.3af)
  • OLED Digital Menu & Status Display
  • Anodized Aluminum Alloy Contruction

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Duo Panel sets a new standard for live production switchers, combining advanced features, extensive compatibility, and robust construction. Whether you’re a content creator, broadcaster, or professional, Duo Panel empowers you to unleash your creativity and deliver captivating live productions like never before.

Unmatched Compatibility:
Duo Panel is compatible with leading live streaming software including vMix, OBS, and ATEM hardware, ensuring effortless integration into your preferred workflow. Seamlessly connect and control your favorite switchers, allowing for smooth transitions, precise control, and a seamless production experience.

Precise Control at Your Fingertips:
Experience unparalleled control with Duo Panel’s 8 to 12 PVW/PGM buttons. Effortlessly switch between multiple sources, scenes, or camera angles with precision and ease. The OLED digital menu and status display provide real-time information, enabling you to stay in control of every aspect of your production.

Immersive Audio Management:
Duo Panel offers a refined audio control experience, featuring 5 audio control dials in both modes. Fine-tune audio levels with exceptional precision, ensuring a balanced and immersive audio experience for your audience.

Seamless Transitions and Effects:
Elevate your production value with Duo Panel’s versatile T-Bar, FTB, Auto Trans, and Cut features. Seamlessly transition between scenes or sources with smooth fades or quick cuts, creating a visually engaging experience. In ATEM mode, unlock an extensive range of effects including Mix, Dip, Wipe, Sting, and DVE, adding a professional touch to your productions.

Enhanced Control in ATEM Mode:
Experience the power of ATEM mode with Duo Panel’s dedicated controls. Access advanced features such as Media Player, Color, Aux, M/E, and Macro Buttons, providing you with comprehensive control over your ATEM switcher. Utilize 4 Key + BKGD Upstream Buttons and 2 Downstream Key Buttons for intricate layering and captivating visual effects.

Streamlined Control in vMix Mode:
In vMix mode, Duo Panel offers dedicated controls for essential functions. Take advantage of Fullscreen, Record, and Stream buttons for effortless streaming and recording. Customize your workflow with R, M, and F Custom Function Buttons, enabling quick access to frequently used features and actions.

Robust Construction, Premium Design:
Duo Panel is crafted from anodized aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding production environments. Its sleek and ergonomic design provides a comfortable and intuitive user experience, allowing you to focus on your creativity without compromise.

Enhanced Connectivity and Information:
Duo Panel features DP25 Tally, USB 2.0, and Ethernet connections (with PoE 802.3af), offering versatile connectivity options to streamline your setup. The OLED digital menu and status display provide real-time information, keeping you informed and in control throughout your production.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35.4 × 16.5 × 6.7 cm
PVW/PGM Buttons

vMix/OBS: 12

Audio Control Dials


Transition Controls

Both: Cut, Auto, T-Bar, FTB
ATEM: Mix, Dip, Wipe, Sting, DVE

ATEM Functions

Media Player
Preview Trans
4 Upstream Key
2 Downstream Key

vMix Functions

R, M, & F Custom Function Buttons


DP25 Tally (12ch PVW + 12ch PGM)
USB Host
USB Control
Ethernet (with PoE 802.3af)

Digital Display

OLED Menu & Status Indication


Anodized Aluminum Alloy Contruction

Input Voltage

12V DC

Input Current


Rated Power


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



Power adapter
USB cable
User manual


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